Cloud Security Integration for Your Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Oct 11 2021 11:00

overview of Micro Trend Security

The importance of micro security gives real-time 24/7 protection towards cybercrime and theft. Micro security provides an array of products for people searching for the best protection; all the services ensure that one's software is fully safeguarded.

Personal property and MS technology are fundamentally essential data access to us and must be given in the best and trusted hands at all times. Let's say you are a small enterprise just getting your baring's, you get the perfect ERP software integrated, and all of a sudden-security violation occurs! How do you pact with the repercussions of such a setback…get protected with Micro security solutions!

The term “secure” is taken very seriously by MS- that's the USP for most implementation partners, in a way! No one should ever become anxious about their security; it is the backbone in the continuation of providing a seamless, stress-free operation. With the years passing, the threats will mutate into other problems and vulnerabilities, and the first step is to be aware of the ever-changing threat landscape. Here are some security features in regards to all things cloud;

Hybrid Cloud Security

Workload Security (Cloud One)

It is a security service platform for cloud builders. It helps protect many aspects of one's data; it is highly beneficial to progress and maintain regulatory and compliance requirements. It essentially detects and protects against vulnerabilities, malware and unauthorized changes.

Application Security (Cloud One)

This is for serverless functions, API’s and applications that are dependent on the online model. These are generally embedded security for the server. Thus, the AS goal is to work against code vulnerabilities, data exfiltration on the server, and other common sensitive attacks at the application level.

Network Security (Cloud One)

It is a robust network layer security, which monitors all the inflow and outflow traffic- to see that nothing is suspicious and worth exploring. A constant update system is provided to the management and how the security works at a premium level. 

Conformity (Cloud One)

This function, in particular, is the central visibility and real-time monitoring for one’s cloud infrastructure with a single, multi-cloud dashboard.

With cloud being one of the most popular data centres and computing power recourse, what better way to keep your data and information protected than the highly advanced and sophisticated Trend Micro Security.

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