Network Analyzer Software for Administrators to Monitor & Troubleshoot

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jan 14 2020 11:30

diagnosis and troubleshooting solutions

Colasoft is an advanced data network, efficient in portable network performance, performance analysis, performance monitoring and diagnostic tools. It has more than 10,000 global customers, and it operates in financial services, manufacturing, education, energy, transportation, government agencies and utilities. Colasoft offers a variety of network products, but this blog will specifically focus on Colasoft nChronos. 

Colasoft nChronos is a network performance system used in data mining and an effective solution to depth-traffic analysis. It is intended in a manner which makes it tailor-made for medium and large enterprises. It connects with company routers, emails, network traffic, and chat sessions. It provides alerts if any sort of suspicious activity is taking place and, in this way, it monitors abnormal traffic. This also helps in having a close watch about cybercrimes. Once the network engineers are done with monitoring unusual activities, only then they can identify the details of the malicious activities. 

Furthermore, Colasoft nChronos records all the packet data so that malicious activities can be analyzed in greater detail, and network engineers can reach to a sounder conclusion. It has two main types: 

nChronos Console

Provides access to nChronos servers where packets are stored, deals with network management and visualize the overall enterprise network activities.

nChronos Server

Gives real-time packet capturing non-intrusive deployment with standard network mirror port, and provides native packets for the Console. 

So, give Colasoft nChronos a try and ideally monitor your networks.

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