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Author - ISA (Comstar) | Oct 16 2020 12:00

how to do seo for website step by step

Top SEO rankings are one of the foremost goals of digital marketing teams in all business enterprises. SEO optimization requires tools and techniques to optimize content in a way that matches what people search on different search engines. For instance, if I search on Google ‘Top 5 ERP systems in Pakistan’, I should have my ERP website optimized in a manner that it appears on the top page. According to Google SEO Experts, less than 5% of visitors go past the first page, and that states us how important it is to rank on the first page. In fact, there is a joke in the Google SEO Community, “Where is the best place to hide a dead body? On the second page of search results.”

SEO experts optimize business websites by using important techniques: Website Design, Web Development & Search Engine Optimization. Let’s discuss both of them separately.

Design, Development and SEO

It is crucial to use SEO strategies while designing and developing the website instead of adding the SEO content later on. If you optimize content after developing the website, it will take more time and money to deploy new changes. Also, SEO integration and ranking on Google takes months to reconfigure recent changes, so it is always recommended to have the optimized content right from the beginning.

SEO and Web Designing

Let’s discuss how SEO and Web Designing are interlinked.

1.    Mobile Friendly Websites (mobile-friendliness is crucial for your website SEO rankings).
2.    Simple and Easy Designing (your visuals and overall website designing create a lot of impacts, so beware of that).
3.    Website Speed (slow websites hardly make it to the top of SEO rankings, so keep an eye on website speed).
4.    Website Sitemaps (make sure you provide Google with most important pages of your website in the sitemap).
5.    Gaining Viewer’s Trust (by giving the impression of how much time and money you have spent on the website and how easy it is for customers eventually).

SEO tips for Web Developers

Let’s explain which five things the web developer must have in mind regarding SEO services.

1.    Taking Care of Traffic Tracking Program (whether it is installed correctly, otherwise it will provide wrong information).
2.    Not Duplicating Content for URL Structures (make sure that your URL structure does not duplicate other content from the website).
3.    Keeping an Eye on Coding Errors (make sure that the document to code and document for implement coding match with each other).
4.    Having an Efficient Coding Layout (which takes care of website speed and makes a lasting impact on website efficiency).
5.    Optimize Images (make sure you compress relevant images before uploading them on the website).

Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization refers to tools that are necessary to edit, customize, or update your website content (both front page and backend, i.e. meta content) in a manner that perfectly matches with what visitors search on the search engines. You must write your titles, meta-titles, taglines, meta-descriptions, image titles, product descriptions, website content, blogs, and content for other pages using specific keywords. On-page SEO strategy is in control of the website owner, and he/she makes whatever changes or updates are required to maintain your top rankings. It is always recommended to upload not just text but also images and videos to make website content interesting, visually appealing, and catchy for more audience and improved marketing. Also, you need to have URL links containing certain vital keywords.

Off-Page Optimization is an indirect way of achieving top SEO rankings through various marketing tools. It deals with techniques that amplify and execute website in a manner that it gets the most views by using social media mentions, hashtags, and earning links. Off-page optimization makes you research about existing top SEO high-achievers and analyzes their strategies so that you can follow suit and customize your website accordingly. It also includes earning inbound links from authoritative websites.

Now, one important thing that most companies and their digital teams forget is that they optimize website content after all the content is already uploaded. We explain why this is not the best choice to make.

Thus, if you want to be ranked on the top of Google or other search engines, use these on-page and off-page optimization tools along with SEO web designing techniques and web development methods to customize and optimize your websites. Top SEO rankings are directly related to your marketing and sales strategies and eventually help in more customer reach. Hence, it increases your sales and gives more profit. If you have any queries or confusion, reach out to us for more details. Our Search Engine Optimizer will get in touch with your website revamp strategy.

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