Important Functions of Network Monitoring Management

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jan 15 2021 12:00

what are the types of network management

All advanced business enterprises have network systems and administrators to enhance connectivity and performance while increasing efficiency. In this blog, we explain which specific roles and functions of network management are more important and how they can be taken care of.

Firstly, let’s understand what do we mean by network management? Network management refers to the organization, maintenance, and administration of various active and passive elements in networks. It takes care of network performance and monitoring to ensure a smooth flow of communication. It starts with identifying the fault followed by investigating troubleshoot problems, and then it configures network manager. It allows various computers and other devices on the network to communicate with each other for performance enhancement.

Managing Faults: In this phase, the network administrator detects, isolates, and fixes any malfunctions. He/She maintains and organizes active and passive components to avoid faults. Fault management is monitored through notifications.

Managing Configuration: This phase manages network equipment and software versions. It keeps track of connections available in a certain network while having information about programs, versions, and new updates.

Monitoring Performance: This process monitors and assesses that are the key elements of a network performing at their best or is there any room for improvement?

Managing Security: Managing security is crucial for all networks to remain at bay from virus threats and malware attacks while ensuring safety. Network management offers robust security tools to enhance security and performance.

Recording Data: This phase records all data that has passed through all elements of the network. In case of problem, the network administrator delves into all recorded data and analyzes what might have caused problems in the first place.

Considering above important functions we see how network management partakes in effective management and connectivity of business networks. In a nutshell, it takes care of security, monitoring, performance, and configuration. If you have any queries about network management, network products, or network security, reach out to us. We have been working in network industry for 25 years and have a highly skilled team in all aspects of a network.

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