Zong Takes the Lead in Bringing 5G Services in Pakistan

Author - ComstarISA | Aug 28 2019 11:00

5G mobile internet services

Zong successfully conducted 5G services trials in Islamabad on August 22. Zong CEO Wang Hua said, “5G will herald a new era in Pakistan's social and economic sectors.” He also reminded the audience that it was Zong which introduced 4G network in 2014. He gave Zong as an example of technological cooperation between China and Pakistan. 

3rd Generation and 4th Generation technology were highly welcomed in Pakistan in terms of affordability and use. Number of mobile phones in market increased phenomenally with emergence of 4G, making Q-Mobile the largest seller in industry as they had more than 50% share in market in 2014. Still, a number of subscribers of these developments did not resonate well with education and awareness of advanced information services. People knew that they had 4G technology, but they did not know how could those be used to improve productivity in different industries.

5G wireless communications are expected to improve health sector, infrastructure, education, transportation, IT networks and overall administration of our offices. Let’s hope that this time, Zong along with other companies, get enough subscribers and make people aware of the use of a 5G system so that it could be used most effectively. 

Zong has remained at the top when it comes to providing latest, efficient and innovative mobile solutions. So, 5G revolution trials must be a major motivating factor for our youth. They seem to have a great future in Information Technology.

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