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Author - ISA (Comstar) | Mar 26 2021 12:00

what is auditing in cyber security

Keeping a regular check on IT security has become indispensable. Business organizations that do not pay much attention to IT security are potentially in danger of various security threats. Since the emergence of Covid-19 and the rise of online business activity, online threats and cyber breaches reached a new zenith. Thus, to keep your business networks and IT infrastructure safe, sound, and protected, you must have regular IT security audits. You can choose to have these audits either from third-party implementers or direct vendors who sell online security services. In this blog, we clarify why you should have regular security audits, what benefits do they bring, and how the process takes place.

First, it is important to realize what concerns and questions do the IT security audit deals with? It helps you figure out weak spots and vulnerabilities in a current network system. It watches out for extraneous processes not having any usual security protocols. It guides you on whether you have proper security systems established against data breaches and system outages. Also, it helps you discover various security flaws and what concrete actions should be taken to deal with them.

Second, typical security usually consists of the following five parts:

1.    Helps you define the objectives of the audit so that the audit goals merge with large organizational goals, and there does not remain any gap.
2.    Plans the security audit system in a well-thought-out and organized manner while looking at data, reports, schedules, and monitoring and evaluation tools.
3.    Applies the audit tools to start the auditing process through various scans on IT resources, database servers, and SaaS applications, along with testing data access levels and system configurations.
4.    Reports about vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure and possible ways to remedy those.
5.    Takes required actions after consultation with the relevant firm and apply the solution to enhance protection, security, and safety.

Last, if you are a business organization and looking for a network security test or an IT security audit, just reach out to us, and we will guide you with best possible solutions. We offer robust security solutions by providing various products and services at an effective cost.

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