Advanced Overview of Fiber Optic Cable Uses

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Oct 30 2020 12:00

types of fiber optic cable

Do you know over 99% international internet communication traffic is on fiber optics networks? Yes, that’s how robust and substantial fiber optics have become in the advanced internet world of 2020. In fact, the main source through which you are able to see and read this blog is also fiber optics since this is also internet communication happening.  Only the slightest of last portion of the communication is dependent on traditional cables. This blog explains some of the key benefits of using fiber optics and in what fields they have proven to be phenomenal.

In definition, fiber optics send coded information through a glass in a plastic pipe. They help us make telephone calls or send emails in seventh of a second, yes that is how fast they are. Isn’t that mind-boggling?

Let’s discuss the three most remarkable characteristics of fiber optics:

Fast and Transparent: Causes no signal loss and works at the speed of light. Cost-effective to operate and maintain.

Improved Signals: Without any external interference, they transmit signals with enhanced quality and reliability.

Greater Bandwidth: Capable of carrying way more data than regular copper cables despite having the same diameter.

Moreover, fiber optics are used in many industries and sectors, but they are mostly used in making military equipment, medicine industry, broadcasting, and computer networking.

Military Equipment: Helps in connecting military bases and installations such as radar stations, and missile launch sites. Latest military tanks, helicopters, and planes also use fiber optics because of their lightweight and reduced cost.

Medicine Industry: Mostly for making medical gadgets that help in viewing inside our body without surgeries or cutting the body. Isn’t that remarkable? Otherwise, a lot of us would have had many medical surgeries by now. 
Broadcasting: All our cable networks operate through fiber optics and we are able to play hundreds of channels at a time flawlessly. Thanks to fiber optics!

Computer Networking: Last, but not the least, fibre optics are most useful in advanced computer networking where they enable functions such as cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), high-speed wi-fi, streaming and whatnot. 

These are all super exciting benefits of using fiber optics. If you want more information about fiber optics or want to install them or other specific cables for your office, business, restaurant, hotel, or for other purposes, reach out to us and we will be happy assist you.

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