Odoo Manufacturing Features for Automating Business Operations

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jan 01 2021 11:00

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As the number of manufacturing firms grows and the nature of business becomes more complex using technological innovations, it is high time that manufacturing firms opt for cost-effective, centrally managed business management. Advanced ERP tools offer great flexibility, scalability, and customizability vis-à-vis merging and automating business with IT, hence saving time, cost, and important resources.

The nature of manufacturing business is inherently unique and requires a different sort of complexity while automating its features. For instance, major difficulties that many manufacturing companies face include how to control a huge amount of inventory efficiently, how to deal with shortage of skilled labor, how to forecast demand and make business decisions accordingly, how to reduce costs while operating at such a large scale, and how to turn one time customers into long term clients. These are important questions that all manufacturing industries have to address. In this blog, we explain how Odoo Manufacturing helps you resolve these problems in an efficient, advanced, productive, and cost-effective way.

Let’s briefly highlight some of the key features of Odoo Manufacturing:

•    Takes care of Production Management to increase efficiency.
•    Keeps a watchful eye on Inventory Management.
•    Helps in Purchase Management to ease and automate the purchasing process.
•    Offers Quality Assurance features to deal with Software Maintenance and improvement with time.
•    Provides easy and integrated Sales Management options.
•    Helps you build long-term relationships with clients through Customer Relationship Management to increase profits.
•    Controls Accounts and Invoicing management.
•    Deals with HR and Payroll management.

Overall, we see how Odoo Manufacturing, by taking care of HR, accounting, sales, quality assurance, CRM, and inventory, automates and customizes the manufacturing process. So, if you want to increase efficiency, productivity, and profit from your existing manufacturing business, reach out to us for more details, and we will implement Odoo ERP for you.

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