Odoo Case Study for Energy Industry

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jun 11 2021 12:00

odoo for renewable energy

Odoo ERP is a cost-effective yet robust and flexible solution particularly designed for small and medium business enterprises. Odoo has become a remarkable brand name in PoS, sales, HR, finance, accounting, field service, marketing, e-commerce, and other functional areas suited for diverse industries All these businesses love Odoo because of the easy customization options and data migration tools that Odoo offers. In this blog, we specifically talk about how Odoo excels in the energy industry by mentioning a particular case study.

Primus Energy: Primus Energy operates in manufacturing and developing different kinds of engines and machines while specializing in steam turbines and various gears. They updated their hosting system to Odoo.sh, a remarkable cloud platform that helped Primus Energy in dealing with issues related to data backups and security. Primus Energy feels more confident now after using Odoo.

There are many other energy enterprises as well, all over the world, that also benefit from using Odoo’s effective tools. They particularly admire a broad range of functionality with immense options offered by Odoo. Odoo’s ability to adapt itself as per the changing needs of the business enterprise as well as its easy approach towards business expansion in future also fascinates the energy sector.

Furthermore, Odoo also helps in improving workflow systems, managing information, and reporting modules to help create new leads without hassle for energy enterprises. The way Odoo stores and client information and then the nitty-gritty of that are also appreciated by energy enterprises in their reviews on Odoo. Odoo’s energy sector clients also say that after using Odoo audit control has become easier than ever.

For all these remarkable benefits, if you are an energy enterprise looking for customization of various business operations and easy data transfers and storage, get Odoo implemented and make all these processes easier than ever for your business.

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