How to keep Android Phone Safe from Outside Threats?

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Sep 25 2020 11:00

hack proof your smartphones

Using device security tools has become a necessity amidst an increasing number of malware attacks. You talk about laptops, computers, Android, ioS, or Macbooks, all these devices are vulnerable, and thus, personal information, banking information, office data is used to blackmail you. In this blog, we explain how to figure out Android attacks and how to get rid of those? What are the signs that your mobile device is under a malware attack, and what actions to take instantly?

Firstly, the most common signs that inform you about your phone’s security issues are:

•    New apps are shown on your phone that you didn’t install.
•    Apps start crashing, and they don’t work smoothly.
•    Phone bill increased despite having the same usage and routine.
•    Data usage increased without any reason.
•    Battery dies in no time.
•    The phone is overheated all the time.
•    Seeing pop-ups even when the browsers are closed.

If you find any or all of this happening to your device, you should definitely start looking for antivirus software to stop the damage.

How to remain safe and make best use of the antivirus software? Let’s explain further.

•    Always download antivirus software from Google Play Store for Android since it is the most trustworthy app store.
•    Download specific applications that have a greater number of downloads than others, i.e. in millions or thousands at least.
•    Read product description and reviews to thoroughly research about the features of the antivirus software.
•    Once the app is downloaded, put the phone in “safe mode,” i.e. stop giving access to third parties to initiate the security process.
•    Open “manage apps” and see if there is any unrecognizable app that you didn’t download. If there is any such malware app, uninstall it instantly.
•    Open the specific antivirus software that you downloaded and give it access to your phone calls, applications, and other data.
•    Run the antivirus software on the whole phone and see if there is any app causing trouble. Uninstall that app and reinstall it from any other safe store or install an alternative app.

Hence, these are all the signs and actions that you should always have in mind to keep your phone data safe, sound, and secure. If you want more details about digital security services, reach out to ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for more information.

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