Products of Rapid 7 Delivers Compliance Impact and Advancement

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jan 03 2020 12:00

business IT software and services

Rapid 7 offers information security services that are remarkable for their visibility, analytics, and monitoring operations. It takes care of your connected environment and reduces security risk. It provides safety from malware attacks, vulnerabilities, and shut-down attacks. They have many products but most significant three will be discussed below.


Insight IDR is a Cloud SIEM taking care of threat detection threat responses. InsightIDR contains cloud architecture and intuitive interface which analyze given data and predict efficient, quick results. Also, User & Attacker Behavior Analytics and Curated Threat Intelligence are applied to provide better and improved safety networks.


InsightVM is a Vulnerability Management Software which helps in creating a moment of impact. It provides constant intelligence to discover emerging vulnerabilities. It helps in locating them, prioritizing them and confirming them for your business as well as it helps in monitoring in real-time. InsightVM quickly adapts to new threats with fresh data.


Metasploit is a penetration testing software which helps offensive security teams to collect, prioritize and verify security offences. Attackers are smart about new attacking methods and advancements and therefore, it is important to use their own devices against them. Metasploit utilizes a database of exploits which safely simulates real-world attacks on your network. On the other hand, it also trains your security team to spot and stop threats from emerging.

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