Role of ERPs in HR Management During the Pandemic

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jul 10 2020 01:15

human resource erp on cloud

The modern, advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) brings plenty of automated and integrated solutions for complex business problems. ERP makes your business realize its true potential and eventually grow. The demand for ERPs, because of their flexible and customizable approach, is on the high during Covid-19. They take care of a plenty of essential business tasks online such as managing HR, taking care of sales, keeping up with accounting budgets, effective communication with customers, providing e-commerce services along with many others. The conventional HR management is sophisticatedly automated using modern-day ERPs.They are even more beneficial in the recently pandemic-influenced world.

Let us discuss how ERPs specifically benefit and improve a Human Resource Experience in a remote environment:

Ease in Recruitment Process (online CV and cover letter submission with individualized portals for the applicants).

Employee Training and Development (online resources available for enhancing the skills of existing employees).

Centralized Data Base (all employees’ information, their attendance and leaves, their performance—all are available at a single place).

Performance Evaluation and Feedback (assessing employees’ performance during a certain period and for specific projects using timesheets and employee appraisals).

Payroll Management (salary and tax management for all employees with complete details and records).

Communication with Employees (integrated communication with all employees and easy collaboration to update them regarding new policies or changes).

Attendance and Leaves Management (keeping online track of employees’ attendance and leaves, i.e. casual/annual).

Less Labor Work Required (since all HR management is taken care of online with sophistication and ease).

Thus, in a nutshell, using ERPs for keeping track of HR management effectively in a remote environment is organized, easy, and centralized. It offers all key HR processes in one platform such as in Odoo ERP HR Management or in other ERPs. Lastly, once you have all these tools to work with,  you can easily hire new employees, train them, and manage other HR processes effectively, even in the world deeply shaped by Covid-19.

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