How Ruckus Networks Solution Help to Build Smart Campuses?

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jan 31 2020 12:00

experience operational efficiency

Have you ever thought about how the internet works so flawlessly and integratively on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops in university environments and dorms? And how it connects all your Learning Management Systems and various ERPs to provide you with access to campus sources such as online libraries? Well, there are sophisticated and complex networks that are installed to keep the LMS, libraries, and ERPs intact and to give you a smooth internet connection. In the IT language, we call these systems Smart Campus Solutions. They integrate different network connections and take care of other IT needs.

Therefore, one of the finest Higher Education Smart Solution is provided by Ruckus (collaborated with CommScope). Let’s discuss what they further offer

Ruckus Smart Campus Solutions uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to interconnect various applications and devices, and eventually, it increases the operational efficiency of those devices. It offers both wired and wireless network connections in any environment, whether it be outdoors or indoors. Ruckus Campus Solutions help in improving student living, learning, and security at the campus through the integration of campus and technology infrastructure. 

Furthermore, Ruckus Smart Campus Solutions also provides Smart Living, Smart Learning, Smart Safety, and Smart Security. Smart Living includes having access to mobile apps related to parking spots, campus maps, and wayfinding to class. Smart Learning provides a data-driven curriculum, collaborative workspaces and redefined lecture halls. It also helps students to conduct their research at campuses vis-a-vis psychology, environment, statistics, and computer science courses. After having conducted the research, student life at the campus can be further improved and digitalized accordingly. Smart Safety and Smart Security include the installation of biometric attendance, smart ID cards, surveillance cameras, and eventually unify all of them in a single system. 

Thus, start transforming your campus with Ruckus into a Smart Campus so that students experience the best digitalized, safe, and optimized learning environment.

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