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ISA Ltd. (Comstar) offers unique data migration solutions for Odoo to make software upgradation and data transfer easier than ever.
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ISA Ltd. (Comstar) has been implementing Odoo ERP solutions for a number of years with its highly skilled and talented Odoo team. We particularly excel in offering data migration services. Our Data migration process has been refined over the years. We have significant experience in helping multiple client’s transitions from their old conventional systems to Odoo. Data migration for ISA Ltd. (Comstar) is a field of expertise in which we have defined our own customized steps which help transfer data from any old conventional system to the new, updated versions of Odoo ERP. Our Odoo experts have an eye for detail as they perform their tasks, eliminating data errors.

Our data migration process usually starts with planning the process review with the client and then executing the process followed by testing. In the planning phase, two lists are created for reference data and transaction data. This differentiation helps in dealing with static and dynamic data separately. This differentiation also supports the “customer care” organization handle data quality issues. After this, the data conversion process starts, which helps in identifying which customers bought what products. Once the customer and product data are migrated, then the process for warehouse and inventory starts, which consists of the following six steps:

1.    Data attribute matching for old and new systems.
2.    Find corresponding fields in the source system for each field in the Odoo database.
3.    Dump data from the old system while bringing key identifiers from the source and adding a prefix.
4.    Match the actual data, manipulate it as necessary, and get ready for the upload. Try a limited amount of upload first.
5.    Start the upload process and then check for quality.
6.    Then focus on operational and management reports.

Primarily data migration process deals with safely migrating existing reports, customer and vendor details, payment documents, financial data, and other such important information. ISA Ltd. (Comstar), along with offering data migration services, also offers data migration-testing and data quality services.

Looking for an expert on managing data migration flawlessly? Reach out to us at ISA Ltd. (Comstar), and our Odoo experts will take care of it at a reasonable cost."

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“Looking for an expert on managing data migration flawlessly? Reach out to us at ISA Ltd. (Comstar), and our Odoo experts will take care of it at an effective cost.”
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