Odoo Apps for Operations and Business Management

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Apr 02 2021 12:30

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Odoo is a remarkable, latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool perfectly compatible for different business enterprises operating in small and medium business sector. It not only decreases overall business management and administrative cost but also automates, integrates, and eases business operations. From a business operated by a single entrepreneur to an enterprise run by hundreds of employees in different departments, Odoo helps you take care of important business functions with its all-in-one solution. It easily manages HR operations of your employees, website operations, field service, sales, accounting, finance, marketing, e-commerce, blogs, communication, customization, and .much more. What is even cooler is that Odoo has separate apps to holistically manage all these operations, thus providing you with not only significant, insightful details but also in an integrated manner. This helps you make important business decisions quickly and effectively.

In this blog, we discuss Odoo apps, especially the ones related to operation features:

Odoo Operations Apps

1.    Inventory (maximizes work efficiency, improves processing time, gives full traceability of products/services, along with offering insightful reporting tools)

2.    Timesheets (tracks time, forecasts productivity, easily accessible anywhere anytime, and manages activities and workforce easily)

3.    Project (brings effective project management using modern interfaces, improves visual information, readily shares documents, and easily integrated with other apps)

4.    Purchase (manages suppliers, manages product orders, automates purchasing workflow, takes care of pricing lists, makes you get good prices with purchase tenders, and manages several companies at the same time)

5.    Helpdesk (active and remarkable helpdesk with cool user interface, uses multi-channel communication tools such as websites, emails and chats, and optimizes productivity)

6.    Documents (turns your enterprise into a paperless company by offering services related to scanning of contracts, approving documents, and recording bills)

7.    Field Service (schedules appointments, assigns tasks, tracks working time, prepares invoices, manages workdays, and signs reports electronically)

These Odoo Operation apps make you manage a variety of aspects of your business anywhere, anytime only using your mobile devices. You see how detail-oriented, rigorous, and robust Odoo Operation apps are. Want to get any of these Odoo Operation apps implemented at a reasonable cost? Just reach out to us, and we will do it for you!

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