Overcome Cyber Threats with Advanced Machine Learning to Endpoint Security

Author - ComstarISA | Sep 25 2018 11:30

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It is a tough decision to choose an endpoint security vendor, as the world is faced increasing number of cyber threats. There are so many overused items you see from the very first search. The list starts with threat hunting to machine learning, you will encounter everything in between. 

Introduction to machine learning

Machine learning alone cannot catch malware, however, it can increase the rate of detection. Hence this is a very essential aspects saving you a considerable amount of time. However, before going any further, it is important to be familiar with what machine learning is all about. One of the leading experts related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Andrew Ng, recognized the “Achilles’ heel” of modern-day capabilities of today’s supervised machine learning:

“It requires a huge amount of data. You need to show the system a lot of examples of both A and B. For instance, building a photo tagger requires anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of pictures (A) as well as labels or tags telling you if there are people in them (B). Building a speech recognition system requires tens of thousands of hours of audio (A) together with the transcripts (B)”.
Thus, for building an algorithm to differentiate between malicious and non-malicious files, the first thing you need is to train and feed it with a very familiar malware. This is what a machine requires to become smarter than before.  

Since the last 30 years, Cisco has been at the forefront in forming the internet’s basics. Over 7 trillion or 20 B cyber threats are blocked on daily basis. 

Importance of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important aspects because of the growing threats to the online environment. The increasing number of malware and ransomware has posed serious threats to the organization.


Ransomware is continuously termed as a major threat, as they threaten the target to pay the massive amount. The data becomes inaccessible until the time the amount required by those operating it is paid. This is also called social engineering techniques, and there is an expected rise in the industry in the coming year.


Tracing a modern malware is not an easy thing to do and often customized to steal the data. Furthermore, more targeted attacks have taken place through ‘digital graffiti’. Hacktivists, organized crime, and nation-states are the ones to get benefit from the resources and online communities through the dark web. Hence, as a result, more targeted attacks take place with the cybercrime as a service results’ prevalence.

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