A Guide to Creative Logo Designs, Techniques, and Tools

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Sep 04 2020 11:00

designing a symbol for modern brands

“Details matter” as they say. They matter even more if they are for company logos. A company logo is a simple, vivid, and direct representation of what an organization holds significant, what values it believes in, and what functions it performs. In this blog, we will explain what steps you must have in mind while creating logos that stand out.  We touch upon the technicalities and thought processes related to logo designing and logo development.

Firstly, a logo should follow the basic SMART formula where S is for “simplicity”, M is for “memorable”, A is for “ageless”, R is for “reliable”, and T is for “thoughtful”. Let us see what specific things you should have in mind.

Simplicity (a logo should be simple and easy for the audience so that people can relate to what you offer as a company.)

Memorable (the moment someone looks at your company’s logo, it must stand out. So, it should be creative.)

Ageless (a logo is  not that you would like to change every five years. It is ageless and hence, should embody your goals and values in the long run.)

Reliable (A logo should be flexible and scalable enough to cater to a variety of options so that if your business expands in future, you do not need to change it.)

Thoughtful (“details matter” as I already said, so every line or symbol in the logo must represent something related to your organizational goals, vision, or products and services.)

That was about what you should have in mind as a designer. Let us unfold how the overall process looks like:

Discussion and Strategy (discussion with a client about what they want and their organizational goals to symbolize in the logo).

Research (know your targeted audience and cater to them in your logo).

Sketches (make sketches and try to be as creative as you can).

Use Computer (merge those pencil sketches with a computer and experiment with different options using digital, graphic tools).

Show to Clients (show different logo concepts to your clients and explain which logo represents what).

Finalize (once the client finalizes a logo, you are all done).

Thus, use all these brainstorming tools and efficient techniques to present a captivating, catchy logo to your client, which embody organizational goals and vision. Reach out to ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for more details, since we love to be creative with logos and we also have a young, skillful team.

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