Fast, Secure, Uninterrupted Wi-fi Services by Ruckus in Covid-19

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jul 24 2020 01:00

ruckus R750 Indoor access point

Covid-19 has shaped the worldly reality in an unimaginable fashion. Whether one talks about business activities, political campaigns, education facilities, and other places where a public gathering is required, all of them are given a break and are bound to stop their operations for a while. Thanks to the online, virtual world of business conferencing, Zoom, and education ERPs that we are still able to keep track of our business and education amidst these trying times. 

A move from a physical world to a virtual one in such a great hurry was not easy, even though all these software and ERPs were already in place. It brought a lot of challenges along the way. One of the key concerns for those employees working-from-home and the students taking online classes is an effective, uninterrupted, and secure wi-fi network connection. Both require fast, reliable internet—employees for conducting important business activities i.e. meetings, taking care of HR services, finance, accounting, and sales, while the students need it for taking online classes, accessing various library resources and journals etc. for their research—for efficiently performing different tasks. We discuss in this blog how you can enjoy a flawless internet connection using Ruckus R750 Indoor Wi-Fi 6 services. Let us briefly explain some of its key features:

•    Connects more devices with built-in 8 spatial streams.
•    Performs in high-density environments such as large meeting halls, conference rooms, classrooms, etc. 
•    Unifies wi-fi and non-wi-fi wireless technologies using converged access points.
•    Transfers performance gap from “gigabit wi-fi” to “multi-gigabit wi-fi”.
•    Easy and sophisticated control and upgradation through physical and virtual appliances.
•    Enhanced security and capability to catch attacks in the middle.
•    Provides network analysis tools and Cloud path security. 
•    Fulfils demands for better and faster wi-fi.
•    Certified by Wi-Fi Alliance as Wi-fi Certified 6.

Thus, if you are looking for a viable solution for your slow and unsafe internet while working-from-home or studying-from-home, Ruckus Indoor Wi-Fi services resolves all your insecurities. It ensures a smooth flow of work operations and study activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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