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ISA Ltd. (Comstar) especially excels in various fields of expertise such as Odoo accounting and finance to improve your business productivity and efficiency. We have a significant year of experience in implementing Odoo with all our expertise in the accounting and finance sector.
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ISA Ltd. (Comstar) offers highly skillful expertise with fully integrated and customized ERP solutions for accounting and finance management. Odoo Accounting and Finance manages journal entries and budget offers analytic accounting and advanced intelligence reports and is a remarkably independent accounting and finance module for all levels of business organizations, i.e., small, medium, or large.

ISA Ltd. (Comstar) has been implementing ERP solutions for a number of years now so we have a skillful, experienced Odoo team who particularly has an eye for detail for your accounting and finance business management, its customization, and integration through Odoo. In addition, we particularly are experts at asset management, auto-validated depreciation, deferred revenue, management of reconciliation module, automatic reporting, tax reports, tax returns, auditing, budget management, customer follow-up, importing bank statements, along with other ?state-of-the-art features.

Furthermore, having all these cool features is just the beginning, implementing them is our core capability. Reach out to us for a cost-effective implementation of Odoo Accounting & Finance by ISA Ltd. (Comstar) as implementing Odoo Accounting and Finance is our field of expertise and we have been doing this for a number of years.

Customize Odoo Accounts & Finance Module with ISA Comstar

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Odoo accounts & finance features will change your business operation by time-saving tools like bank synchronization, invoicing, managing bill & expenses with easy reconciliations.
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