Upcoming New Terms & Conditions Introduced by Google on March 31, 2020

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Mar 06 2020 01:00

google terms and conditions

“Terms and Conditions” are what users mostly seem to overlook while giving permission to their mobile apps, locations, or using certain browsers. People mostly tick the “I Accept” line at the bottom and move on. While in reality, it is crucial to read those terms and conditions because this helps in clarifying the data breach controversies and other disputes. Thus, in this article, my aim is to summarize Google New Terms and Conditions and privacy policy which will be enacted from March 31st 2020. The key features that one has to have in mind while using Google include:

•    Age Requirements

It asks for certain age requirements which differs for various countries i.e. 14+ in South Korea, 16+ in Croatia, 15+ in France, etc.  Kids and children will have to take permission from their parents (or parents read terms and conditions with children) in order to make or use a Google account. And in this manner, parents or guardians will be responsible for a child’s online activity on Google.

•    Google Corporate Group

When Google says “we”, “us” or “Google” it refers to all other companies in Google Corporate group such as Google Chrome, Google Drive etc.

•    Notices from Google

Google will deliver notices to you if they negatively affect you by new services.

•    Expectations for Users

A complete list of basic rules of conduct for users is available already with attached links, policies and resources.

•    Precise and Clear Licenses

Google aims to provide easy and clear licensing with simplified structure and language.

•    Security Checkup

A new security checkup is added to provide more safety.

•    Warranty

New changes by Google also throw light on warranty provided to users and assurance of certain standards.

Other changes include:

•    New Disclaimer
•    Newly Introduced Liabilities
•    Taking Certain Actions When Stuck
•    Settling Disputes

Thus, educate yourself and improve your online experience by going through these new terms and conditions introduced by Google. We are also attaching the original link for your convenience.

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