The Interaction of Consumers Fashion via Social Platform

Author - ComstarISA | May 15 2018 12:30

advertising through social platforms

Fashion is essentially a way of life as every day one needs to focus on their clothing and style- but unlike before your exposure to fashion is at your fingertips. Social media has created the perception in the minds of the followers. If it’s not on social media it’s not “relevant” this may be a bit hard to believe but it is hundred percent the case in today’s information world. At the same time, this does not mean that a fashion brand should display everything on social media, there is a science in how much one can display if there is an “overkill” of a certain product it may cannibalize the brand's identity. In understanding on how much one should display their product on social media is to pick up on the general mindset of your potential user; for example, does the user enjoy “wanting more” versus “knowing everything”. This is a constant study that the brand will have to do to keep themselves afloat and successful.  

One observation that can be made over the past couple of years since the social media era is that; people are more inclined to purchase low-cost and fashion-forward clothing to stay on trend as they share their latest looks within their social media followers. Fashion has always been about freedom of expression and individuality, but with the millennial generation as your new buying power it is all about fast fashion as most of your younger generation does not want to repeat their clothes, due to their constant updates on their social media profiles. Thus, in today’s day and age consumers heavily rely on high street brands, the masters of their respective fields as they pick up designs from the ramp and sell them on affordable rates so the buyer can constantly be purchasing from their stores.

One can say that at the end social media pushes the trends forward more rapidly, social media initially started as passing information “one way” but now the shift that has occurred is that there is a constant “conversation” between the senders and the receivers. 

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