Trends in SEO about Speaking to Search Voice Assistants

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Sep 27 2019 11:00

conversational voice search capabilities

According to Gartner, a global advisory firm, 30% of online searches will be done through voice instead of involving a screen by 2021. By 2024, voice-based smart speaker market will be worth around $30 Billion. India is leading the voice search market with 14% of companies already investing in the optimization for voice search, with Spain and Germany following, having 11% and 10% of companies investing in voice respectively. Also, the UK, Brazil and South East Asian countries plan to invest in voice search. 

Google and Bing have planned to devise algorithms in order to make online searches voice based. They have developed forward thinking SEO strategies, and provide Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) without clicking any websites. While traditional SEO expertise is not enough, smart SEO specialists are now adopting new techniques in order to make spoken online searches more accurate and relevant. Companies adopting optimized content for voice searches will benefit more as compared to the ones relying upon old SEO practices. 

How to Adopt SEO Practices for Voice Searching

Voice search is less focused on keywords and more on user intent. It is all about understanding semantic meanings of the words. It has to include longer tail keywords in a concise manner. SEO experts need to think about how a person will ask Google for any search instead of typing it, and what are the similarities and differences in both these methods. Text-to-Speech (TTS) methods can also be used in order to optimize voice searches.

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