Pakistan Government Cautions Social Media Authorities

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Feb 13 2020 11:00

statutory regulatory orders releases

The government of Pakistan introduces a new policy to put a vigilant eye on the use and control of social media. This social media policy is fundamentally an extension of the Pakistan Telecommunication (reorganization) Act 1996 and Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016.

According to these new regulations, social media firms are obliged to provide the investigation agencies of Pakistan with the required data whenever demanded; the time limit to respond to these requirements is 24 hours, and in emergency cases, it is 6 hours. If data is not provided, a fine of PKR 500 million will be charged. This social media control aims to block “unlawful online content and acquisition of data or information from social media companies.” As these cases must be dealt on an emergency basis, there will be no further legislation required and therefore, the “national coordinator” will be the sole authority to handle these matters. The government also asked these firms to get themselves registered and locate in Pakistan within three months.

Furthermore, all companies are advised to take diligent care about “religious, cultural, ethnic and national security sensitivities of Pakistan.” They are also expected not to stream any content related to hate speech, terrorism, extremism, fake news, violence, and national security.

Let's hope that this policy helps in making Pakistan safe and secure digitally.

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