Sophos Endpoint Antivirus Security Review for All Devices

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Sep 11 2020 11:00

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Contemporary business world has evolved so much that you just need to Google the products or services you want to buy, and you will get a list of customer reviews on different websites. Such information gives buyers a significant amount of useful knowledge. Thus, they can make informed business decisions. We discuss reviews about Sophos Antivirus in this blog and help you make an educated decision regarding buying antivirus services. We will explain what features of Sophos Antivirus are liked mostly by the clients, and on what features there is still a room for improvement.

Firstly, let’s say a word about history and current standing of Sophos. According to US News, Sophos is ranked 9th best antivirus software in 2020. Sophos is a UK based company, founded in 1985, operates in more than 150 countries, and protects around 400,000 organizations of all sizes. It has around 100 million users all over the world and has employed 3,500 people worldwide. So yeah, Sophos is a remarkable brand in the security and protection world.

Let’s move on to discuss different features of Sophos Antivirus.

Features that clients love from Sophos include:

•    Low cost paid versions covering 10 devices (an excellent bargain for using multiple devices).
•    Free version covering 3 devices.
•    Compatible with all devices such as PCs, MacBook, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS, etc.
•    Easy web filtering to take control of website access.
•    Easy to use and configure.
•    Quick and viable “support” option with screenshot access and chat.
•    Other features: threat detection, web protection, remote management, malware/ransomware/phishing protection.

Features that require improvement:

•    The scanning processes. It did not run properly for a client.
•    Support Services were not that helpful for some clients. Need improvement.

Thus, considering all the above features and reviews in mind, Sophos Antivirus proves to be a low-cost, accessible, compatible, and protective security solution for all your devices. Reach out to ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for more details regarding Sophos implementation, and you can talk about the scanning process and support services beforehand if you are not sure.

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