Guide to incorporating and adopting an ERP System?

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Apr 30 2021 12:00

why ERP is important for business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is one of the significant ways to tackle modern business solutions in a technology-oriented manner. It helps companies to process the available information efficiently and effectively in a single unit, make better forecasting regarding customer demands, interact with the customers, collaborate within an organization, save business costs, remote customize reporting from any location, enhance security, and keep track of changing regulations within an industry. All these factors are directly related to senior management as they are the ones who make decisions.

Even though the IT team is in control of the ERP system, the system benefits the whole organization. The senior management overlooks the performance of different employees through performance appraisals, looks at how the management is interacting with customers and clients, sees how many orders being completed on time, along with the real-time reporting on the performance of the whole company during a specific period in an efficient and automated manner.

Challenge Senior Management has, is to select the right ERP system that meets the specific needs of the organization. It has to be robust, modular - so as to be implementable in phases as management gets a better grip on the utility of various functions being adopted into the ERP system. The ERP has to have the flexibility to be customized with relative ease to be able to meet the needs of the company. 

A critical factor for selection is the overall cost of the ERP system – initial cost, recurring cost, ease and cost of deployment, effort and time needed to adopt the system within the organization. Support, expertise, responsiveness of the vendor.

We are available to guide and assist your senior management in selecting the right ERP system for your organization, do contact us; we’d love to assist.

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