Major Influence of Technology Advancement Day by Day

Author - ComstarISA | Feb 20 2019 09:00

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Technology has consumed us and our lives in a manner that lives have become so dependent on it. In ancient times when there was lackage or no technology, people used to do all the things manually which might be good at some point but the lifestyles were not considered to be efficient at that time. The lives at that time and lives now are so different, and the good part is this change is useful in many aspects. Technology can make a person efficient and dependent at the same time. Perhaps the accuracy and the quality we get with the help of technology is no comparison with the previous times. In near future technology will be at another level since the innovation and the advancement in technology is continuous, in fact; increasing day by day. This article is also about how technology will change our lives in twenty years.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Our Lives

Artificial intelligence is known to be one of the most efficient approaches to technology. It is the intelligence which eliminates human efforts more and makes the machines applicable to perform daily life tasks with the algorithms of machine learning. The assistants and the robots that have been created up until now are able to perform the basic tasks of human by understanding their language and terms; however, the research and the process of innovation are continued. In future, artificial intelligence would probably be able to perform all the tasks for a human. The artificial neural system is the way of making machine logical. It helps machine to make a decision like a human by analyzing different things, and the system has brought it to a new level. However, the future of this technology will be more exciting since the machines will be able to take the major decisions as well and since the memory and working of machine are more accurate than the human mind and the analysis machine would be more accurate. The machines will be able to take even business decisions in future due to their accuracy and critical analysis.

Changes in Traveling

The difference in how we travel going to be the actual game changer in the next decade. Traveling in present time is not so fancy while in the coming future the self-driving cars will take over the infancy and less efficient approach of traveling. This might sound fascinating, but researches are already approaching heights of the innovation. Traveling approach will be smart enough in future and will also be able to avoid traveling mishaps like accidents due to technological advancements.

Innovation in Energy Production and Storage

Along with above mentioned significant changes, there is another area which has an impact on technology. No wonder it is innovation in energy production because it is one of the most fundamental fields of human life and it needs to get advanced because energy needs are getting increased daily. Technical world is working hard on fulfilling energy needs while introducing innovative ideas to produce and save energy at a bigger rate. Solar panels are becoming common whereas there can be furthermore things that can help to enhance efficiency of energy production. Regarding solar panels, recent research addresses that if Sahara Desert (largest desert of the earth) gets covered by solar panels, it can produce as much energy as required to run the whole world. The only hurdle in it the cost of transmitting that energy to the different parts of world. It also states that it might bring environment change in an area of Sahara Desert if its land starts to avoid ultraviolet rays for so long. 

In a shell these few things will have the most influence of technology in the coming years and technology will probably bring a drastic change in lives just like it always does. These areas will take the technical world to another level and will enhance abilities admirably.

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