Do You Need A Managed or Broadband Service

Author - ComstarISA | Jul 26 2018 04:00

dedicated internet access pricing

During the process of selecting and implementing new network switches, we always encourage our clients to answer the simpler questions first, so that you can narrow your selections down out of the gate.  Here is the list of questions and options listed “easiest” to the more complicated that will help you narrow down the selection process:

Managed Internet Service:

Managed Internet Service (MIS) helps you consolidate management of your Internet applications with high speed dedicated access, world-class reliability and optimal performance, scalability, and security through optimum MIS such as DS3, OC3, and T1. It incorporates convenience, resources, and flexibility in a completely vendor-provided Internet solution, easing the management headaches associated with rapidly growing Internet use. You can take advantage of managed, high speed, end-to-end Internet connectivity, knowing that AT&T is there with proactive monitoring and expert technical assistance. Its architecture enables immediate rerouting around outages for almost instantaneous service restoration. It helps you conduct business on the Internet with confidence, reliability, and flexibility.

Managed Internet Service Provider:

Managed Internet Service gives you a dedicated, always-on Internet connection. Imagine that the Internet is a highway. Dedicated Internet access is like having a lane on that highway that is just for you. No one else can use it. So, you can travel at a consistent speed no matter what time of day it is. Today’s businesses need a wide variety of web-based applications. You can get the bandwidth need to use video, voice, ERP/CRM and more to their fullest potential. Share documents, talk about changes, updated project management tools. All without leaving the office

Dedicated internet access pricing:

A dedicated Internet connection for your business is extremely essential. Reliability you can count on, backed by industry-leading AT&T service level agreements. Provides with 24/7 technical support and proactive monitoring of your Internet access. It also ensures a highly secure preconfigured wireless network for your business and your customers.

Managed Vs Broadband Service:

The requirements of a Managed Service are mostly discussed during one-on-one meetings between the network engineers and architects of the service provider and the end-user teams. For a Broadband Service, there is no opportunity for customization and the end-user selects a standard service from a list of available options. Any communication network is only one segment of a bigger solution, such as an ATM network for a bank or a point-of-sale solution for a retail merchant. For Broadband Services, the integration into the end-to-end solution is either not required, as is the case with normal Internet services, or it is done by the end-user team

In summary, Understanding the different dynamics and being able to operate in complex end-to-end user environments such as the financial services sector, while also being able to offer options for non-business critical applications, is key to our success in providing leading satellite access services.

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