Change Management for ERP Implementation

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jul 01 2020 12:40

ERP methodology plan

ERP implementation is a fresh and advanced yet laborious task. It takes some effort to revamp the outdated method of conducting business with modern, sophisticated features that the ERP contains. When these features are brought in to digitalize business, there must be a new approach taken by the management in order to keep track of what an ERP demands.  So, managing your team well is a given while implementing ERP/getting ERP implemented.  This blog explains the significance of sound management team while modernizing businesses in the form of implementing ERP. Let us discuss some key management techniques that you must undertake while implementing an ERP solution: 

•    Build a consensus and take everyone’s opinion. Note down what other employees say of the new ERP solution and try to cater their concerns effectively. 
•    Brief people in your organization about the benefits that the ERP brings. Explain to them how ERP will ease their work and save their time.  
•    Tell the employees about the concrete results you want to achieve during a specific period once the implementation is done. 
•    Organize weekly/biweekly team meetings during the implementation phase to update management and employees about the progress. 
•    Sophisticated and organized communication between project stakeholders should be there so that all of them are on board. 
•    Identify both risks and opportunities of the implementation process. 
•    Analyze the current situation of the business and make accurate forecasts regarding costs, profit, and viability. 
•    Train your existing employees with new ERP skills so that they can add more value to the business. 
•    Enjoy the new ERP and its benefits in the form of easy and fast management of your overall business affairs. 

These are some of the key points that you must have in mind while implementing ERP (either on your own or through a third party). At the end of the day, who would not want to optimize and customize their business needs in an ever-changing and dynamic online world?

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