Odoo School and Education Software

Odoo Education Program offers a wealth of resources to all professors and educators of school, colleges & universities.
integrated students management

Odoo School and Education Software ERP is a fantastic 21st century ERP platform for quick, easy, integrated, and wholesome online education tools. Let us see what remarkable features Odoo Education and School Management have.

·       Easily Manages Attendance
·       Takes Care of Student Grades
·       Produces News Updates and Reminders
·       Manages Teacher Profiles with Important Details
·       Manages Parents Profiles
·       Easily Prints Student Identity Cards
·       Builds Courses Easily
·       Has Easy to Use Demo System

Thus, Odoo makes school management cost-effective and integrated in this manner. If you have any queries about other functions of Odoo and its implementation at an effective cost, just give Odoo a chance and reach out to us. We are experienced and skillful in implementing Odoo while doing it for years at ISA Ltd. (Comstar).

Educational ERP works as inclusive, self-reliant module to run educational organizations like schools and colleges & universities.








The Customized Open-Source School Management modules processes registration, enrollment, fees management, transportation and examinations.
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