Internet of Things means for web services and business

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Apr 23 2021 12:00

how do web services help internet of things?

What is an Internet of Things is most simply and best defined by Forbes as ‘…the perception of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other)’.  
So, when somebody says Internet of Things, what they mean is a network of interconnected devices that are also connected to the Internet.

For example, you can use your mobile phone to dim the lights in your guest bedroom at home. Or switch off the shower you left running in your haste to get to work in the morning.
Now, what does Internet of Things mean for web services and businesses?

As the concept of IoT grows and the pace of technological evolvement continues, we’ll soon enter into a phase where every aspect of our lives will be connected, managed and monitored by the smart devices being invented every day. And at the center of it will be the web services and products that already dominate our everyday lives. The company Apple is a prime example with its smart gadgets for the home, healthcare wearable and telecommunication devices.

There are 3 things that we think will change most for web services when Internet of Things takes over:

•    Hail, Data!

In the near future, everything will pale in comparison to the invaluable insight your user data brings to your Research and Development. Collection of this data, being able to interpret it, and its application should all result in products and services that are the perfect blend of practical and fun, coupled with novelty features that are the main attractions of any new technology.

•    Investing in Security

Web services will need to pay serious investment for IT security. It will become even more of a concern than it is now because, with Internet of Things, your user data will become more appealing to hackers, the availability of many connected devices on a single network works to make it more attractive.

•    Translating the Internet

Any web service that wants to profit maximum from IoT technology needs to invest in people and programs that can translate between languages. Granted, a large pool of data comes from languages that already dominate the Internet: English, German, French, and Spanish. But there is limitless potential in other languages spoken by large communities of people all over the world. Opportunity waits for a business, that is serious to pursue the IoT market.

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