A Connection Invisible to The Naked Eye Is a Visual That Needs to Turn into Reality

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Feb 22 2022 04:00

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What’s up with the dog logo? Was the first thing that got in my mind as I entered the interview room where I saw a huge Pana flex of “RUCKUS an Arris company”. Honestly, I Had no clue about this product; thus, I made random assumptions looking at its logo and brand name, just to have an answer to the interviewer if I was going to be questioned. Luckily, I wasn’t. But that was not the end of it. I didn’t know if I was going to be offered the job but what stayed in my head was “I need to know about this product, definitely what’s up with the dog” logo and how can someone be so bold and creative both at the same time willing to take the risk of showing their true loyalty of services via such an interesting logo that too in a world of TECH. Hats off to Selina Lo, CEO, who knew what she was visualizing had nothing less but a connection that was unseen to the naked eye. And thus presented the picture to the investors.

Walk Down the Lane:

Getting to know more about this brand, how they provide their customer be it a mature organization or just an entrepreneur looking for a budgeted service, Ruckus prioritizes the true value of its customer even it comes with unfriendly building material or difficult deployment scenarios.

The hassle of sustaining your connectivity can be overcome by Ruckus wireless access point solution. Ruckus ensures to keep you connected indoor as well as outdoor via wireless solutions access point and provides a wide range of wired solutions that comes through Ruckus ICX family.

Their products made sure to minimize the distraction in a world of connecting technology. Mainly their hardware solutions, be it Wifi routers, Antennas, Cables, connectors, Access, Aggregation, and core switches, have fulfilled the necessity for networking.

Motive Achieved:

The interview did go well, I was informed about the second interview that was conducted virtually, future that day, I was offered the job and sitting here in the same room typing this blog makes me realize being a part of this organization which has not only built its reputation with meeting and exceeding with its customer’s requirements with satisfactory product delivery, but has also given me a chance to join with technology that has a lot to explore learn and grow with. Maybe someday I can be Selina LO.

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