Do you Want to Know what’s Extraordinary About Barracuda?

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Mar 22 2022 12:00

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We want to know what extraordinary is about Barracuda? One of the team members mentioned while we saw the first view of the projector. Yes, that’s precisely why we are all here today, the trainer replied. So, let’s get started.

Barracuda is an exceptional design for the user; by protecting their brands and business against advanced email threats, Barracuda is a “Complete Email Protection” tool. Barracuda works in 3 simple steps, prevent, detect and respond. Unlike humans, the trainer added to lighten the atmosphere.

A Walk-through Barracuda’s specifications:

Barracuda has its firm command over the 13 email threats of which most of the organizations are unaware considering that office 365 has it all covered; wait a second, I interrupted, office 360 doesn’t cover all email threats? As per a large number of reviews from customers, certainly not, whereas barracuda Essentials allows Microsoft office 365 protects the users and their organization from dangerous ransomware and phishing attacks/threats. Barracuda expertise’s in Spam/Malware, ATP, cloud backup, API-based AI detection & remediation, DMARC, Security Awareness, Incident response and automatic remediation. In addition, it has a significant edge over market competitors. Barracuda has kept its transparency in many ways; it will detect the slightest error that may try to threaten your emails and data. Be it through spear-phishing emails, attachments or invalid links sent by attackers. It thoroughly detects inbound emails with attachments, scans them and then delivers it to the recipient.

The deployment structure made more sense as we moved to the other slides, where it showed us the different deployment steps of barracuda, i.e., Appliance, Virtual, Azure, AWS. Easy to use and easy to deploy, what more can a customer wish for? The trainer asked.

“Support and licensing policy!” One of the members replied, how does Barracuda work in the category of support, licensing or replacements?” he added.

“Moving towards a conclusion, our next slide is exactly about the same’’ the trainer stated; “Barracuda provides 24X7 enhanced support via calls and emails and has its valuable distributors in regions that share support for licensing, at the same time Barracuda shares an active instant replacement subscription where you can exchange your existing hardware in return for a new one, waving out the fee on the bases of 4 years of hardware timespan” The trainer concluded.

Motive Achieved:

We all turned our chairs as we applauded for non-other than our very own talented, well experienced and certified Engineer. Comstar not only values its customers, but it inculcates positive potential in its employees, too; we grow together so that we can achieve more for your organization.

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