COVID19 and the Use of Thermal Sensors for Checking Body Temperature

Author - ISA (Comstar) | May 14 2020 09:30

thermographic camera sensor

In the locked-down world of COVID-19, online business, new technologies, new apps, and more use of the internet has proven to be effective for people to spend time at home. The top medical research institutions globally are working intensively hard to make a vaccine to save lives and businesses and bring the normal back eventually. During such trying times, there is great panic vis-à-vis the lack of availability of ventilators, testing kits, and testing delays in almost all parts of the world. There are different technologies used to test people’s body temperature and assess whether they are infected with Corona. Thermal Cameras and Glass Sensors have proven to be effective in this regard. Let’s discuss how they ease the assessing body temperature process for the COVID-19.

Thermal Imaging techniques are used to check people’s body temperature effectively, quickly, and at a larger scale. It helps in mass screening for fever detection. During the imaging process, people walk in front of the camera, and thus, their visual and thermal images are monitored. The imaging process records all temperatures and raises an alarm if any temperature is above or below the given limits. Later on, detailed investigations are conducted on abnormal body temperatures. The thermal imaging process is used at airports, seaports, railway/subway stations, and other such public spaces. Thermal imaging has proven immensely useful in checking body temperatures for COVID-19. Also, police in China have been using Thermal Googles so that they can identify potentially unwell people.

To conclude, thermal technology in the form of temperature and glass sensors are effective to test body temperatures in the COVID-19 world. Get yourself tested if you show any symptoms, and keep yourself and everyone else around you safe.

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