Characteristics of A Skilled Software Architecture and Designs

Author - ComstarISA | Sep 12 2018 03:00

principal software architect

What is the main objective of a software architect and how does it differ from software engineer? As a matter of fact, the distinction between software architect vs. software engineer is on the basis of their experience level; the former one is the person who tends to develop the blueprint of the project required by the clients, whereas, the latter is an individual who analyzes the created plan of the project and proceeds with various techniques to implement on it. 

Moreover, the principal software architect job description is to examine clients’ demands, employ technical equipment to create an impression of the proposed project and most significantly; acknowledge and offer a long-term vision of the software being created for both the organization and the client. 

Some of the descriptions of the technical architect roles and responsibilities regarded by the leading ICT organizations is mentioned as:   

They are eligible to design the innovative, productive and methodical systems for their clients so that their pivotal aims can be achieved through their proposed ideas. In fact they are not the developers themselves; however, they make sure to produce authentic and updated outlines of the project upon which the entire development is needed to be done. Thus, they are the source of providing lifeless sketches to the software engineers to bring it into life by technical tools. Moreover, they also tend to act as the project manager at certain times because they are able to analyze and recognize various components of the software development and to communicate its salient features to the rest of the managing team. They are also required to take serious actions and decisions related to the progress or addition of certain facets of the enterprise software creation.

Furthermore, they should be skilled enough to understand and overcome the barriers of technical language in order to acknowledge both the merits and demerits of their created merchandise. Indeed, we all know that the field and industry of ICT tend to change and progress at such a swift pace. Therefore, it is necessary for the software architect career path to be well-aware of all the contemporary and updated knowledge of technology. 

In addition, a software architect should be responsible for the success and failure of the created design. They should provide essential support to all the phases of the software development in order to ensure the success of the project. Besides, they should be confident and smart enough to be able to explicate as well as vindicate their decisions from the inception till the culmination of the program creation. As a matter of fact, the technical architect roles and responsibilities are more ardent as compared to other team members because they are reliable to bear the consequences of the final end product.

In order to opt for the software architect career path; an individual requires possessing certain sets of skills as mentioned below:

•    Persuasive communication style to converse and convince clients.
•    Adaptive at tackling and solving problems.
•    Comfortable at expressing friendly gestures to clients and employees.
•    Quick to assemble and assimilate information regarding projects.
•    Acquires constantly updated knowledge of his field.
•    Is an expert in programming language and other IT related fields.
•    Ability to work under extreme pressure to meet deadlines.
•    Well-equipped at calculating the benefits and demerits of the software development.

Thus, we can conclude that the software architect experience is the basic requirement for the principal software architect job description. The software architects in any sort of product development company tend to highlight the above-mentioned characteristics and duties in order to achieve success and prosperity in their chosen path.

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