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1. Develop long-term partnerships with our clients.
2. Provide solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)
3. Advise clients on upcoming industry trends in new products and services.

Information Technology Services

Our Valuable Clients

Comstar Service
  • marketing, sales and distribution franchising
  • promotor for poultry, food & feed Ingredients
  • pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and agricultural products
  • public limited company
  • gas meter manufacturing plant Pakistan
  • Honda Atlas Power Products

Managed Service

We provide IT services to growing businesses.

We take care of all the IT needs, and simplify IT complexities to help businesses achieve their goals. Having latest IT tools in the competitive market environment is essential, so we ensure that all your IT needs are met at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT Department.

Message from ceo

Having started our journey by providing communication technology services, we now strive to meet our customers' needs in a variety of disciplines: from Networking, Infosec and Wi-Fi to ERP, Web and Mobile App development Services.

Sami Bajwa

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IT Security

Do you Want to Know what’s Extraordinary About Barracuda?

by ISA (Comstar), Mar 22 2022 12:00

Over the timespan, Barracuda has showcased complete email protection, its awareness against mainly 13 email threats speaks through customer’s feedback, Barracuda is structured on 3 steps “Prevent, detect and respond".
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A Connection Invisible to The Naked Eye Is a Visual That Needs to Turn into Reality

by ISA (Comstar), Feb 22 2022 04:00

Ruckus has done seamless justice to its logo, serving with loyalty & protecting the value of its customer’s requirements, maintaining a cost-effective budget in hardware products, be wired or wireless, with ICX switches.
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A Drive Through-Connecting, Network Switches and Routing

by ISA (Comstar), Feb 02 2022 09:45

In an ocean of technology, we learn bit by bit, we connect and process the learnings then route it throughout, similar is the networking procedure. Switches are devices that help you transmit the receivables via connectivity.
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