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1. Develop long-term partnerships with our clients.
2. Provide solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)
3. Advise clients on upcoming industry trends in new products and services.

Information Technology Services

Our Valuable Clients

Comstar Service
  • marketing, sales and distribution franchising
  • promotor for poultry, food & feed Ingredients
  • pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and agricultural products
  • public limited company
  • gas meter manufacturing plant Pakistan
  • gorgeous embroidered dress
  • selling on credit terms
  • vintage and modern couture
  • collections for seasons
  • electronic advertising installation
  • home decor furniture
  • compressed air solutions
  • surgeons devices worldwide
  • Honda Atlas Power Products
  • Local Electronics shop


Customized Software For Your Unique Business

Our Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers and Project Managers ensure whether software projects are delivered on time and within the given budgets.

Managed Service

We provide IT services to growing businesses.

We take care of all the IT needs, and simplify IT complexities to help businesses achieve their goals. Having latest IT tools in the competitive market environment is essential, so we ensure that all your IT needs are met at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT Department.

Message from ceo

Having started our journey by providing communication technology services, we now strive to meet our customers' needs in a variety of disciplines: from Networking, Infosec and Wi-Fi to ERP, Web and Mobile App development Services.

Sami Bajwa

what our client says

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Former Google Executive will Lead Digital Pakistan Vision Campaign

by ISA (Comstar), Dec 06 2019 05:00

Pakistan takes another step forward in Digitalizing the country. The new Digital Pakistan program aims to achieve wonders for the country in future.
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Structured Cabling System Provides A Comprehensive Networking Infrastructure

by ISA (Comstar), Nov 29 2019 10:00

CommScope provides strong network connections on the ground, in buildings and through the air. It operates in three key sectors: Internet of Things, Seamless Connectivity, and 5G implementation.
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How Network Switches Help in Visibility and Connectivity?

by ISA (Comstar), Nov 22 2019 05:00

Progress IPSwitches not only help in providing visibility and connectivity to your network systems but they, in the form of WhatsUp Gold, also provide sophisticated integration with other APIs to automate your workload.
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