Visibility and Protection with WhatsUp Gold Monitoring Software

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Aug 21 2020 11:00

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Cyber-attacks have been on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic has started. Millions of employees having access to vital organizational data were bound to shift their networks and internet devices to home. That is where all the exposition and vulnerability started. At offices, IT experts were aware about security and protection tools to keep office data safe. At homes, not all employees knew about the nitty-gritty of vulnerable Wi-Fi networks and the damage it could cause to a business enterprise. Even though, we are witnessing a shift towards “smart lockdown” or “no lockdown”, but still the need to make networks safe, sound and secure ever increases. This blog explains how WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring Software provides visibility and protection to enhance security.

Let’s discuss some of its key features:

Offers Complete Visibility for Networks, Systems, and Applications (you can thoroughly review which information is fallacious and leads to malware attacks).

Detailed Network Monitoring (with interactive maps and other visuals).

Provides Customizable Intelligence Alerts (operates like a hidden intelligence agency to provide you key security information on vulnerability issues).

Sends Notifications (in emails, SMS or web browsers before users report them).

Gives Integration Access (with other APIs so that workload can be easily distributed).

Customizes Dashboards (so that individual domain can be taken care of separately).

Tells About Network Status Anywhere Anytime (check network status and manage security from anywhere anytime).

Easy Deployment (the deployment process is easy and can be done by technology partners in your locality).

Thus, WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring Software updates you about malicious attacks beforehand, sends you intelligence alerts and notifications, and offers detailed reporting so that you can take quick, appropriate actions.

Contact ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for more details as we implement it for you and ensure a smooth and flawless network experience.

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