How to Get Protection from Post-Covid-19 New Cybersecurity Threats

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Dec 25 2020 12:00

coronavirus related cyber threats

If there is anything that shaped the business world phenomenally in the year 2020 vis-à-vis work-from-home, cybersecurity, automation, and IT upgradation, it will definitely be Covid-19. This virus has made the world rethink many things where it was not paying much heed to before the pre-Covid world. From changing business settings by locating employees to homes and by turning their drawing rooms into offices during work hours to make us conscious about our cybersecurity vulnerabilities at home, this virus has made us reformulate our business cybersecurity strategies. In this blog, we discuss which specific cyber threats have increased because of Covid as the EU (European Union) throws light on the cybersecurity arms race. 
The EU categorizes various cyberthreats into separate categories by mentioning the ones that are “increasing”, “holding steady”, and others. The ones that are increasing include identity threats, phishing, information leakage, ransomware, and insider threats. The ones that are holding steady include cyberespionage, botnets, cryptojacking, spams, and distributed denial of service, i.e., DDoS. Other significant ones are web-based attacks, web application attacks, data breaches, physical manipulation, damage, theft, loss, and malware.

Furthermore, people are also exposed to fake online shopping websites during the Covid lockdowns and quarantines as well as extortion threats and cyberbullying on social media is also on the rise. The ransomware attacks are the most common since they require short duration to steal important business data and credentials.

The EU report suggests that business organizations must automate and update their cybersecurity systems to deal with these emerging threats in the new post-Covid business world. The demand for latest cybersecurity services is already on the rise, and the cybersecurity industry is working and researching hard to make its clients secure their business experience as much as they can.  For these reasons, the report argues that there is a cybersecurity arms race in the offing leading towards the expansion of cybersecurity budget for all level of business organizations because where there is no security, there is no business.

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