Cyber Security Disaster Recovery Plan for Enterprise Networks

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Aug 28 2020 12:00

what is disaster recovery plan

Internet defense has become a key concern for all sorts of business enterprises, whether they be small, medium, or large. Statistics show us that rising cases of data leaks, hacking, ransomware attacks, malware threats, hardware failures, power breakdowns, phishing, and other cybersecurity attacks make businesses conscious about security more than ever. These attacks make businesses lose millions of dollars, influence operational efficiency, and delay other significant business matters. Considering the security perspective in mind, this blog explains the specific process of disaster recovery and backup solutions to make your online experience safe and sound. 

The old, conventional methodologies in the form of replication technologies, where security needs are met through primary servers, no longer meet the advanced security needs of organizations. There is a dire need for disaster recovery management with other advanced databases and high-availability applications to secure your online business presence. There are three key features of disaster recovery and high availability. 

1.    Availability

•    Synchronizes data on Windows and Linux systems. 
•    Keeps track of Application Availability. 
•    Helps in Scenario Management.
•    Provides Data Rewind.
•    Offers Dependency Mappings. 
•    Uninterrupted Business Experience during Unplanned Disruptions. 

2.    Replication 

•    Replication keeping you Aware of Application Activities.
•    A replication that Operates in Multi-Environments.
•    Providing Continuous Data Protection in Real-Time. 
•    Offline Synchronization and WAN-Optimized Replication. 
•    Encryption Tools and Methodologies. 
•    Hardware Features. 

3.    Advanced Reporting and Centralized Management 

•    Server Monitoring and Real-Time Server Application. 
•    Features of SLA Reporting. 
•    Automated Testing Tools.
•    Browser-Based Consolation. 

These are all tools that you must incorporate for a flawless, secure, and safe internet experience when you perform a variety of business operations. Reach out to ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for more details as we excel in offering internet security services.

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