Securing Enterprise Devices Security in an Advanced Manner

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Oct 23 2020 12:00

importance of enterprise security

Enterprise security has become crucial for all business enterprises even more after the post-COVID situation. Work-from-home has become a norm in many countries, and thus the vulnerability to hack and access key business data from unsafe home networks increased significantly. There is a dire need that all companies rethink their security approaches to have a more sophisticated, integrated, and robust approach to security.

In this blog, we explain new edge technology and its functions related to face recognition tools. We throw light on how to manage new control access devices in a more advanced way. There have been issues emerging about the lag and immense use of traffic, which wastes time and resources while using face recognition technologies in business enterprises or at other workspaces.  Most face recognition solutions depend on external sources for image processing and authentication, and these are the ones which need to be replaced. The cameras send and process images to other services for analysis, and that is where the lag usually happens. To resolve this issue, latest edge technologies put the face recognition services and other devices close to the network, which results in fast face recognition, and hence saves time and traffic. The new smart cameras work efficiently in all environments and only rely on external sources for coordination.

There are three steps to explain control access device setup:

1. Testing: In this phase, the access control device gets tested.
2.  Middle-Man Device: This phase helps in capturing information from an access control device and corresponds with relevant servers.
3.  Server: The server component of the access control device gets installed in this phase.

Furthermore, there are additional, significant measures that enterprises must take for enhanced security, such as:

•    Covering network devices with rugged cases.
•    Not showing sensitive information on devices.
•    Regularly checking hardware and software updates.
•    Encrypting information between access control devices and servers.

Thus, use new edge technologies for enhanced safety vis-à-vis face recognition and make sure you are taking these measures for the general safety of your network devices. If you want more information regarding network security or intends to deploy any of network security products, reach out to ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for more details.

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