Common Network Security threats vulnerabilities and Remedies

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Feb 12 2021 12:00

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Network security has become significant even more with the use of remote office work, education for schools, colleges, and universities, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure. The post-Covid-19 data hacks and network vulnerabilities already reflect that. In this blog, we explain what some of the advanced network security threats are and how they can be circumvented, using robust technologies.

Firstly, let’s understand what differentiates an IT risk, vulnerability, and threat. Threat is referred to as an incident or a process having the potential to harm the system. Vulnerability, on the other hand, refers to the weakness/gap that the hacker can exploit. Risk inculcates both threat and vulnerability by dealing with potential damage when a threat exploits a vulnerability.

Moving on, to understand some of the common reasons for these threats to occur in the first place, we need to know what network security threats include. They include hacktivism, extortion, cyber warfare, business feuds, and they also happen for personal reasons. There are other computer viruses as well for which you need to install firewalls to remain secure and protected. 

Now, let’s discuss what are the ways to get rid of these attacks:

Enabling Visibility: First way to manage network security well, is by enabling network visibility so that you know about threats, and they do not remain anonymous. Once the threat sources are known, it is easy to encounter and overcome them.

Network Access: You need to be very cautious of who is capable of having access to your organizational networks. Anonymous access to your networks only brings security threats. So, set apparent rules for allowing access.

Firewall: Advanced firewalls fully take care of unauthorized interruption in your networks by allowing network access to only authorized entities.

Free Updates Issues: You often receive updates and software installation options from unknown sources, that your admin has no idea about. Advanced network defenders make you update and install all updates through your admins, hence improving security and protection.

Thus, use all the above features to keep your organization safe from unknown threats. Have more questions about network security? Reach out to us, and we will be happy to guide you further!

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