Combating Work-from-Home Malware Attacks

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Oct 09 2020 12:00

pandemic and work from home

The new normal, i.e. work-from-home, has caused a spike in malware attacks from remote places. Through these attacks, the hackers have access to confidential business data resulting in a loss of money and resources for business organizations. Not only that, but the cost to take care of these malware threats has also gone up because of increase in demand for cybersecurity after start of work-from-home office operations. According to Malwarebytes, “In a survey of more than 200 managers, directors, and C-suite executives in IT and cybersecurity roles at companies across the U.S., 20 percent of respondents said their organization suffered a security breach as a result of a remote worker. Nearly a quarter (24%) also incurred unexpected expenses to address a cybersecurity breach or malware attack following the imposition of shelter-in-place orders.”

This shows how vital and necessary cybersecurity has become with increasing malware cases and rising security costs. The main reason is the vulnerability and lack of security at homes from where the employees are working. The employees normally do not differentiate between personal use of networks for gaming or entertainment and office use for ERPs and other operations. That is when the most vulnerable personal applications on the computer provide access to the attacker to receive business information from the same network.  There is a dire need to make private networks safe at employee homes. Also, the wi-fi networks to use computer or mobiles for personal use should be separated from when they are used for office purposes to enhance security. The individual users at home should be cognizant not to use private applications and networks while working online.

Thus, make sure when you work from home that your personal use of devices does not interfere with the office use and get an advice from cybersecurity experts to have a safe online experience. You can contact us for a detailed explanation of network security issues and solutions to make work-from-home safe.

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