Maintain Uptime & Server Security for Business Enterprises

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jan 22 2021 12:00

how to keep servers secure

Server security is a key component of network security for all business enterprises. It keeps outside intrusions at bay, hence providing security and protection to ensure robust networking and communication. In this blog, we discuss what actions you must take for server security no matter what business organization you belong to or what server and operating system you use.

Firstly, let’s understand what exactly a server is. A server is a powerful computer holding sensitive, vital information vis-à-vis email, web, and file servers. It is easy to be targeted by cybercriminals but can be protected by having proactive management. For this blog, we explain at what levels do various servers work and what are some generic server security measures that all enterprises should consider. 

Let’s start with what actions you need to take if you do not use secure data centres. You should be cautious of: 

•    Keeping servers locked for safety.
•    Monitoring them every now and then and restricting access to them.
•    Having an insightful eye on server reports. 
•    Keep assessing temperature and power stability for protection.

To protect regular desktops from server attacks, you need to have the following: 

•    Firewalls. 
•    Regular Update Options.
•    Reliable Security Software.
•    Robust Maintenance and Support Services. 

Furthermore, there are three important server security measures that are mostly undertaken. They are: 

1.    Base Operating System: this deals with security of critical infrastructure and services. 
2.    Hosted Applications: this mostly deals with content and services being hosted on servers. 
3.    Network Security: this deals with protection against online threats, malware attacks, and other viruses. 

Another process, called server hardening, is often used to provide server security no matter what server software you use. It offers following features: 

•    Data encrypted tools for secure communication. 
•    Updates software systems.
•    Backs up data securely. 
•    Removes unnecessary software.
•    Enforces strong password for enhanced protection. 

Hence, these are all the benefits that server security brings to your servers while ensuring flawless networking and connectivity. If you have queries about server security and network security or want to have it implemented, reach out to our network security for guidance.

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