Sell More Efficiently by Using Odoo Sales Module

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Jan 29 2021 12:00

overview of sales management module

Advanced ERP systems bring plenty of benefits for small, medium, and large business enterprises. From performing basic sales functions to offering integrated marketing, accounting, finance, and e-commerce solutions, these ERP modules offer sophisticated solutions. Since they operate in the online arena, i.e. on internet, even though mobile apps of these modules do offer offline solutions, they are more transparent and leave less room for human errors. Not only that, but they also provide integrated app solutions to take care of all business tasks together or what they call “all-in-one solution”. 

In this blog, we discuss how specifically Odoo, which is a finest ERP solution for small and medium level business enterprises, eases, customizes, and integrates the sales module. Let’s briefly discuss the coolest features of Odoo Sales module. 

Efficient & Transparent Selling: Odoo makes selling process easy, mobile and transparent with less data entry and cool user interfaces. It also offers warnings before sending quotations to customers for specific products. Its mobile features keep you updated about sales no matter where you are. 

Quick Professional Quotations: As we are aware that building professional quotations is an integral part of the sales process, Odoo perfectly takes care of quotations. It offers quotation builders, quotation templates, Pro-forma for invoices, upselling options, electronic signatures, and grid entries to ease the selling process by increasing sales eventually. 

Administrates Orders & Contracts: Can selling be done without orders and contracts, no, right? Therefore, Odoo offers easy sales orders and deals along with e-signatures and customer portals. It also manages invoices effectively and takes care of order specific routes to distribute products on the basis of delivery locations. 

Eases Communication: Odoo Sales module eases the overall communication process for your business to enhance productivity. It schedules activities in a wholesome manner, provides access to email gateways, takes care of on-boarding emails while keeping an eye on inter-companies rules. 

Manages Product Prices: It manages product prices and offers discounts, by taking care of product types, coupons, price lists, and shipping costs. 

Insightful Reporting: Odoo Sales module offers you insightful reporting tools so that you make more informed business decisions in future which will decrease cost and increase sales. Trackable KPIs and order & invoicing analysis are used by Odoo to provide intuitive reporting.  

Integration: Odoo Sales can be easily integrated with inventory, CRM, accounting, e-commerce, and Omni-channel sales to provide a comprehensive yet easy and efficient approach to your business. 

Thus, if you want to increase sales, improve communication with customers, automate billing and contract process, and maintain quick product pricing based on product types, give Odoo a chance, and it will deliver perfectly leaving no room for human error. Reach out to us for Odoo implementation at an effective cost.

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