Team Video Conferencing Software Solution with Grandstream

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Apr 17 2020 11:00

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Video Conferencing, Remote Work, and Work-from-Home become relevant than ever in these trying times of COVID-19. As “social distancing” is a prerequisite to prevent the contagiousness of this virus, it makes people not gather at public spaces and maintain a 5-6 feet physical distance. So, when humans cannot interact physically, the best option they have to interact and get the work done is through virtual online networks. Business organizations all over the globe are using various virtual networks and online platforms. One of the video conferencing options is provided by Grandstream, and this blog explains various features of Grandstream Video Conferencing. 

Grandstream provides a flexible and versatile video conferencing system that makes business coordination smoother than ever. It increases communication efficiency and connects you face-to-face from anywhere in the world. Its conferencing system is also more immersive and interactive than ever with massive productivity. Its SIP-based GVC3200 allows you to connect with anyone anywhere with a 1080 pixels HD video, 3 monitor outputs, 9-way hybrid protocol video conferencing, various screen-sharing options, Wi-Fi and what not. It also has a PTZ camera with 12x zoom which can be installed in three easy steps. Furthermore, it is easily compatible with SIP and H.323video conferencing devices. So, in this manner, Grandstream offers you tools to transform any physical environment into a virtual one and eventually increases your efficiency and productivity. 

Thus, if you are working from home and you are looking for effective videoconferencing tools, you must give Grandstream Video Conferencing a try.

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