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Perfect Water Software for Dealers & Purification Firms. Odoo silver partner ISA Ltd. (Comstar) takes care of all your needs and can also provide with any customization if required.
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Odoo ERP solutions offer robust yet flexible water software solutions for water purification firms and water dealers across the board. If you are a water business and want to automate various business operations such as field service management, work orders, and appointments anywhere anytime, Odoo ERP offers you a resilient water ERP software.

Odoo ERP offers the following benefits for water industries:

Easy Management: Odoo offers easy management solutions for your water business since the water business is a hectic project otherwise. With Odoo, it becomes easier to deliver quality water to your customers.

Easy Appointment Scheduling: Odoo makes you easily manage appointments for your employees, thus making it all easier than ever.

Work Order: You can make quick work orders as per the requirements of the clients.

Tracking Task Time: This feature helps you manage time spent on each task and projects.

Flexible Customization: You can easily customize Odoo ERP as per the specific needs of your water firm to make it easily compatible with you.

Thus, if you are a water purification firm or a water dealer and looking for effective and fully integrated ERP solutions, Odoo ERP should be your choice for cost-effectiveness and easy implementation. Reach out to us at ISA Ltd. (Comstar) for more details and Odoo implementation.

Advanced ERP solutions continue to increase business productivity while saving time and resources.








Customized odoo modules can be deployed with nominal and a low recurring cost according to your requirement.
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