Network Services and Variety of Products from Ruckus

Author - ComstarISA | Dec 25 2018 10:00

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Ruckus is a well-known identity of the network world because Ruckus Networks redefine connectivity by creating bridges for digital divide and connecting people globally. Ruckus work with the channel partners, OEMs, and strategic partners to deliver ubiquitous connectivity with access points, switches, and cloud services. Products offered by Ruckus are considerably trustworthy for its customer since it is coping up well with the competitive market. 

Few major products by Ruckus include are: indoor and outdoor access point. They serve a versatile range of product under the category of the indoor access point based on advanced technology. Few of its greatest products involve R730 Indoor access point, a Wi-Fi solution which is based on the latest technology of 802.88 ax to support better and faster Wi-Fi. Before that, there is a series of versions including H510, R310, R510, R610, R710, and R720. All these products are considered to be an evolution of indoor access point with new features, speed, and quality.  Whereas, Ruckus T310 series outdoor access point uses 802.11ac wave 2 access point to make a performance of Ruckus wireless performance more economical industrial grade form factor designed for crowded outdoor locations. Ultra-lightweight and low-profile APs feature internal omnidirectional antennas for specific coverage, which eventually eliminates the need for complexed panel antennas and expensive as well as confusing external RF cabling.  Ruckus advanced Access points provide flexibilities to connect more devices, enhance security and automate optimal throughput for its users.

Other than access points, Products like WLAN controller, ICX switches and Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi are remarkable in the area of Ruckus network services. WLAN controller such as Ruckus ZoneDirector controllers provides a highly-intuitive Web user interface for making administration and configuration of the entire WLAN. ZoneDirector delivers numbers of wireless LAN features which cannot be found in other centrally-managed systems. Similarly, SmartZone provides scalable network controllers for converged Wired-Wireless management. It is a single network element which can provide management of both wired and wireless network. It helps to enhance security measures, minimize problems and provide flexibilities for upgradations.

Furthermore, ICX switches work seamlessly along with Ruckus Wi-Fi access points as well as Ruckus SmartZone network controllers to serve as cost-effective product that enhances performance and provide unified solutions. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is designed to simplify WLAN setup radically. Cloud-based networking is a requirement of today’s smarts devices and technology through which user can monitor and troubleshoot entire network systems just by accessing single dashboard or mobile application. Ruckus is stepping forward rapidly to provide up-to-date services to its users and its products are being utilized and trusted on a large scale.

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