Using Odoo for One Man’s Business Development & Implementation

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Aug 14 2020 12:00

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for managing small and medium enterprises is a talk of the town. The effectiveness of an ERP and its use increased during the Covid-19 lockdown and work-from-home. Some key features of an ERP include ease, automation, customizability, and flexibility. Its relevant modules include HR, sales, finance, accounting, e-commerce, online marketing, CRM, along with others. Thus, the benefits of an ERP for SMEs are enormous, and they provide various automated business services.

On the other hand, in this blog, we discuss the advantages of an ERP for a business organized by one person. Yes, one person. We will guide you on how you alone can take care of all your business needs in an effective manner. One such example is Coffizz which uses Odoo for its various operations.

Coffizz is maintained and controlled by only one supplier and one employee, Kristiaan Di Wachter, who is also the proprietor and executive of the company. When he started Coffizz, he aimed to get rid of human errors and manipulation, which causes unnecessary process delays. Kristiaan says, “I’m the only person in the company. No need for more, everything is automated.”

By using various Odoo apps such as Odoo Website, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, E-Commerce, Accounting, and Invoicing, Coffizz keeps tracks of all business operations in a holistic and integrated manner. For an order to be placed, Coffizz uses Odoo E-Commerce to start the process regarding product delivery, invoices, and other essential follow-ups.

Thus, Odoo or other latest ERP systems present new and innovative ways to rely entirely on technology and reduce the probability of human error. If you want to start a business on your own and want to manage it single-handedly, automate it with Odoo to have all tasks performed effectively and with integration.

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