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Do you Want to Know what’s Extraordinary About Barracuda?

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Mar 22 2022 12:00
Over the timespan, Barracuda has showcased complete email protection, its awareness against mainly 13 email threats speaks through customer’s feedback, Barracuda is structured on 3 steps “Prevent, detect and respond". Read more

IT Security

Cloud Security Integration for Your Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Oct 11 2021 11:00
On this page, we discuss the integration of hybrid cloud security. It is the safest option for your enterprise, integrated and top of the line security solutions towards multiple features required in your particular industry. Read more


Guide to incorporating and adopting an ERP System?

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Apr 30 2021 12:00
Simplify your business processes by synchronizing industry’s departmental operations on server-based cloud ERP solutions to handle with ease. Schedule a Demo accordingly! Read more

IT Security

Products of Rapid 7 Delivers Compliance Impact and Advancement

by ISA (Comstar) | Published on: Jan 03 2020 12:00
Rapid 7 products provide safety, security, visibility and monitoring and its products Insight IDR, Insight VM and Metasploit are remarkable to provide these. Read more
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