Managed Services Engagement Models specifications

Author - ISA (Comstar) | Apr 16 2021 12:00

what are the types of managed services?

Are you curious how Managed Service Engagement Providers take care of managed services in a wholesome, unique manner? Do you want to identify what are the various types of managed services and what benefits do they bring to your organization? In this blog, we briefly explain and discuss all of this.

Firstly, let us understand what exactly a managed service engagement model is. In short, it is a collaborative service agreement between a managed service provider and the client. It thoroughly takes care of needs and interests of the client. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) makes sure your business keeps running using various delivery models, offers flexibility depending on types of multiple industries, and takes care of pricing structures.

Secondly, various types and models of managed service companies include:

•    Managed Service Model: While being fully responsible for managed services, this model takes care of the IT infrastructure while using a minimum amount of resources.
•    Flexible Model: This model offers great flexibility, as the name itself suggests. For example, it includes managing one particular aspect of the IT infrastructure.
•    Application Support Model: This model remarkably manages issues related to application system as well as taking care of staff augmentation.
•    Hybrid Model: This model merges both the application support model and development work.

Thirdly, various substantial benefits of using managed services include:

•    Keeping Updated with Latest Technology and Market Trends
•    Assess Most Valuable Services to their Clients
•    Offer Quality Improvement Methodologies for the Future

Above are all important types of managed services along with their tremendous benefits. If you have any further queries about managed services or managed services engagement model, reach out to us for more details, and we will guide you!

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