Mobile Security in Pakistan And Cyber Threats

Author - ComstarISA | Dec 31 2018 12:00

portable computing surveillance

Digital war is a new era where rival companies and sometimes countries try to tarnish each other’s image. Under such circumstances, data hacks and anti-virus attacks have become new threats. Pakistan has been facing numbers of cybersecurity issues lately. Poor security approach has led these incidents to take a real face. Also, various companies are deeply concerned about security measures.

Unfortunately, our down and out security approaches to save crucial data don’t provide us with enough modern online security needs. Important data of our institutions and corporations get easily hacked by unknown hackers, and we hardly have effective security techniques to cope up with it. In Pakistan, people don’t have enough knowledge about network threats and hacks, and eventually, get easily trapped to smart cybercriminals.

It is essential to use network security devices and attention must be given to information security surveillance. Smartphones, internet services, and digital applications need more protection as they are used 24/7. Telecommunication companies must provide their users with digital security protection. 

Information Technology services providers need to incorporate Information Security (Infosec) services. Also, Infosec providers must be more vigilant and meticulous according to new threats. Some famous and effective network security providers are Sophos, Barracuda, and TrendMicro. They provide products with advanced algorithms to counter data hacks to the critical infrastructure of both industries and countries.

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